Sunday, September 1, 2013

Faux Metal Paper Technique

 Silhouette Cameo flower pot die cut can be found here:

 Materials Needed:
Aleene's original tacky glue
A source of flame (lighter or candle)
Cardstock of your choice

I created the flower pot base using "craft" colored card stock. 
Brush on a thick coat of Aleene's tacky glue.
Heat with flame until it bubbles and becomes covered in soot.
Let cool, and buff!

The box was an old puzzle box I found at work. I painted it with 
black acrylic paint first, two layers.
Next I covered the top in a thick layer of the glue,
heated it in the flame, 
cooled and buffed.

For the finishing look, I used silver Rub-n-buff
for a two-toned metal shine!


  1. Wow great effect x very similar to covering in foil and using acrylic technique but this looks way more fun :) x

  2. Just amazing and the flowers are beautiful
    Hugs Susan xx

  3. This is fantastic and love the flowers. Hugs, Donalda

  4. Hey Jen firsty, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I am only just new on my DT's too all seems to be falling into place just now and will have some more news on this front next week but I am always here if you wanna have a chat etc am DT on the friendly crafters so am always about just shout ;)
    I love this pot you have done it looks fab and i cant believe how 'simple' the instructions to get such a great effect. I am in love with those flowers too bit partial to my flowers mind lol

  5. Really stunning, love the beautiful metal effect
    Lindsay xx