Saturday, September 26, 2015

What do kids like these days?!

A special birthday card!!
My nephew is into minions and pirates
I have a hard time keeping up with
all the new things our nephews are into
from year to year, so I ask the experts,
their parents! 

So, this year's card got revamped...
I started out with what I
thought most boys his age would like..

Not a bad start, good idea maybe?
Then I spoke to his mom :)

And here is the revamped card so that
he will feel special and appreciated!

Of course, I also
don't have the stamps
to compliment
all of their tastes
either, so I had
to do some printing
and cutting from the
trusty internet! 

The inside reads:
Heard it was your
B "arrr" thday! 

Thanks bunches for stopping by today to check
out what I've been up to! 

P.S. We love all of our nephews (and niece) to the moon and back!