Monday, August 18, 2014


I was invited by the wonderful MARIE GAMBER from Crafting Crackers  to participate in the 
Creative Bloggers Hop!
The Creative Blogger Hop is a continuous Hop every Monday with a host of
inspirational bloggers taking part every week. 

The creative  blogger selected answers some questions related to their style and creative process.   
They may share how they get their creative mojo or share some little tip with you!   
In turn, they select 3 Bloggers that have been a source of inspiration to them 
and that they would like to showcase and feature.


Do you have questions of your own for me? Leave them in the comments 
and I'll be happy to get back to you. Thanks for stopping by!

What Am I Working On At The Moment?
I'm always working on learning new techniques, card folds and ideas! I'm also enjoying being a coordinator for the BESTIES by Sherry Baldi :)

How Does My Work Differ From Others In My Genre? 
My work is typically more clean and simple with BRIGHTER colors than others in my genre. I tend to follow what's trending but with an old school twist on things. 

Why Do I Write/Craft What I Do? 
I make cards and crafts because I simply can't NOT do it! It's my life, my passion and my JOY to create beautiful hand made cards and dabble in art traditions of all sorts!
It's who I am :)

How Does My Creative Process Work? 
Sometimes I'm inspired by something I see and I re-create it using my own flair!
I use experiences, pictures, people, and real life to inspire my art!
But most of all, I love to teach others and share the LOVE of paper crafting via YouTube videos!!
You can find me HERE :)
I use the direction of my viewers and friends to guide me, and then whatever speaks to me in the moment of the day is what I choose to work on.

The creative crafters I've selected to be featured will be posting next week Monday!!

I nominated:

Jess Moyer 
 Jess Crafts on YouTube
Oh Snap Gonzo (Sandra)
Kristina of Crafty Paws

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  1. This was fun Jen. I loved reading about your crafting style.