Thursday, April 13, 2017

Docraft Watercolor Safari!

Hey Crafters! 

Do you enjoy water coloring?! Have you tried all the fabulous ways 
that you can enjoy this wonderful pastime? 

*Inktense watercolor pencils
*Watercolor paint sets
*Water color inks

*Watercolor Markers!*

I've been on safari, hunting down the elusive "BEST" watercolor marker set!
This is one of the species I've found to try out, the are:

Docraft Artiste Watercolor Markers
Shhh! Don't scare em'!

36 colors included / but not named
Here are the animals!
Colorful fellows aren't they?!

Along with the safari, I also tried them out for a ride! Here's how it went!

This is "Peek a Boo Lulu"! If you're wanting
her, she's in the shop! 

There is also the video of this expedition, 
and I hope you'll drive on over and check it out!

Stop by my channel and check 
out some of the other animals I've got!

"Jen Evers" on Youtube
I can't wait to see you on the next exploration!

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