Monday, May 1, 2017

Bloobel 2017 Progressive Challenge Winner

Woot! It's time to announce the (Koala T Crafts) winner of the 
Bloobel 2017 Progressive Challenge!!!

First of all... Wow!!!
There were so many amazing entries into this challenge. If you'd like to see them, head over to this album on the Koala T Crafts Facebook group and check them out!

There will be a new challenge each month this year, and the winner will receive a $6 gift code to the Bloobel Stamps shop. So, if you didn't get in on this one, there will be more!

Now, on to the best part!

The winner of the Bloobel 2017 Progressive Challenge winner is...

Maud Percival

What a beautiful card! Maud says this is the first time she's had the opportunity to use colored pencils, and what an amazing job she did!

Great work, Maud!



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