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Getting Your Inks Moving /Techniques and Tools

Playing with alcohol inks can be very addictive! You can easily make your own alcohol inks and use a Yupo alternative. Dura-Lar has larger sheets, larger quantity and is less expensive than Yupo.
5"x 7" Legion YUPO paper,
5"x 7" Legion Yupo Paper 10 sheets
9"x 12" Dura-Lar
9"x 12" Dura-Lar 25 sheets

What is Yupo paper? 

It is a synthetic paper made of 100% polypropylene. It is waterproof, stain resistant and durable. I would not be able to rip it but it can curl if held under a heat gun too long. Dura-Lar is very similar. When purchasing Dura-Lar, make sure you purchase the Matte Film.

Jen's Artwork
Easy and Addicting!

Video #1 in the Series

If you missed the first video of the series, where there is an introduction to this craft and what all the excitement is about, click on the link below! It will take you right there!

WEEK #1: Alcohol Inks andAlternative Products


There are several additional recommendations this week! Try using Ohuhu Alcohol Markers which are like Spectrum Noir or Copics. They are only about $.50 a piece. Even though some of you may have a set of Ranger's Alcohol Inks, it's fun to try making your own! 
Ohuhu Alcohol Markers
Spectrum Noir
Spectrum Noir Markers
Tim Holtz's Alcohol Inks

Blending Solution and Alcohol

So you made your inks. You decided to purchase some Dura-Lar paper. Now it's time to learn about how the alcohol and blending solution reacts with the ink. They both lighten the color of the ink and give it the ability to move!  When using the heat gun to dry the inks without the alcohol solution, it was able to move the ink slightly. The spot looked a little like a puffer fish!

You can purchase Puffer 3: CLICK HERE

WARNING - Never put the Tim Holtz Alcohol Blending Solution in a spray bottle.


More Techniques

Use a dropper to add ink on top of other inks on the paper to make them bloom. Sometimes they will swirl and create new colors. It's really amazing how you can make tiny bubble-like designs all along the edge of your paper. 

Pipette Droppers

Try taking away some color by using some inexpensive felt and a blending tool! 

Ink Blending Tool
I can't wait for you to see what Ranger's Spritzing Tool does! Even try using a Q-tip or a toothpick!

What is so amazing is that no two pictures, or creations, will ever be the same! They are unique and you made them! If you have seen the video or watched it LIVE, I suggest you watch it again, just in case you missed something! You can click on Jen's artwork to go to WEEK #2: Getting Your Inks Moving/Techniques and Tools!!

Jen's WEEK #2 Creations!

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