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Toner and Foil Techniques for Cardmaking

Remember when we were given a freshly copied paper in school and would get ink all over our hands? Remember changing the toner in the copier at work and dreading the task because the toner would easily get everywhere, even on your clothes? It would smear if you tried to brush it off, staining them immediately! Now you can consider toner to be an ingredient for a fabulously delicious 'happy mail' card!

Laminating options: 

In Week #3 we are zipping right into popping the carrier sheet into the Amazon laminator! What is a carrier sheet, you ask? It is a term used for the folded, thin paper that protects your foil and the piece to be foiled from being harmed as it moves through the laminator. It also protects the laminator from the foiling process, so no glues, pastes, toner get melted to the machine. Some laminators come with their own carrier sheets, some use parchment paper or simply a piece of copy paper, folded in half. 

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

Thermoweb Deco Foil Parchment Paper 11" in x 17", 10 Sheets Per Pack

Pre-printed Toner Sheets

There are so many choices for pre-printed toner sheets today! A toner sheet is a piece of paper that has the toner already on it. It looks like a black piece of paper. Just adhere the foil to the paper after punching or die cutting it. It does not rub off but can be knicked and damaged like the foil sheets. 
Thermoweb 3377 Deco Foil Toner (3) Sheets of 8.5" x 11", Black

What is really exciting is that there are dozens of designs pre-printed on cardstock, READY for you to foil! 

Although DecoFoil was the brand of choice in the series, Heidi Swapp's Minc transfer foils will work just as well! There are several types of cards as well as tags and ephemera that can be incorporated into your cardmaking! Minc also carries several Party and Home Decor items that can be foiled to add PIZAZZ! 
Heidi Swapp - MINC Paper Packs for Foiling - 6 x 6 Inch Cardstock with Reactive Toner Designs - 5th Avenue Pack & Signature Pack - 48 Pieces

A word of CAUTION, not all items that can go into the Anna Griffin Minc Applicator is able to be used in a laminator. That machine has a wider opening allowing for height of paper, adhesive, and toppings such as embossing powder, glitter, micro glass, seed beads, etc. These items would ruin a laminator. Please READ your labels and do your homework before purchasing and end up disappointed. She is a wonderful designer!!

Print your own!

Any black/white image that can be printed in a laser printer can be foiled. Be careful though, a grey area still carries toner and the foil will stick to this. There is also the possibility of printing out your design and then taking to a store, such as Kinkos, to have it copied. A design printed with an inkjet printer will not hold the foil. 
Brother Monochrome Laser Printer 

There are a few websites that will provide royalty free graphics. Remember to keep in mind the copyright law involved. Read each site carefully, some will let you use their designs for free as long as it's for personal use and not for profit or mass production. type 'free black and white graphics' in the search, awesome choices! type 'black and white' in the search type 'black and white graphics' in the search

There are also Blogs that provide free printables. Here are a few examples:

Keep your eyes and ears open for new exciting things to foil! Then come and show us by putting a picture or two into the album labeled 'Foiling' under Photos on the Koala T Crafts Facebook Page!  We all love to see your work and want to pick your brain as to how you did it! Inspiration!
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Foiling Series: WEEK #1 & #2

We hope you watched the first two weeks but in case you haven't or need a refresher, there are two links below that will take you there.
WEEK #1: Simple and Easy Foiling Techniques; NO HEAT

WEEK #2: Toner and Foil Techniques for Cardmaking

Look for the series to wrap up this Friday, June 15th, 2018 on FreePlay Friday at 5:00pm CST on the Jen Evers YouTube Channel!
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