Monday, March 20, 2017

Freebie Friday Challenge #6 Winners!

We have a winner!

There were some amazing entries for the Freebie Friday Challenge #6 folks. I'm sure it was a difficult decision for all those voters! 

This week we have TWO WINNERS!!!

That's right folks TWO!!!

For those of you new here who may not be familiar with the Freebie Friday Challenges, let me take a moment to get you caught up...
Each week we run a challenge for our Koala T Crafts group members. The challenge is to choose one of the freebies shared on KTC during the week and create something using it. The entries are direct messaged to the challenge coordinator Michelle Calvert, who will give it a number and put it into the album in the group that corresponds to the current challenge. Viewers have until the end of the week to vote by 'Liking' the image of their favorite creation. This challenge as always is anonymous, and you must be a member of the Koala T Crafts Facebook page to participate.

Now that I've caught you up... Lets get to who our winners are this week! 

Winner #1 is Michelle Calvert, who created this elegant little flip book!

Winner #2 is Monica Vasquez, who created this adorable dress card!

Keep a look out for the post for Freebie Friday Challenge #7, so you can get in on the amazing challenge to come!


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