Monday, March 27, 2017

Freebie Friday Challenge #8

That's right folks! It's time to announce the details of the Freebie Friday Challenge #8!

This weeks theme: We'd love to see flowers and/or bright colors in your project. 
Suggested colors would include hot pink, lime green, magenta, aqua blue, bright yellows, etc.
Suggested projects for this challenge are a fancy fold card or a tag. As always these are just suggestions to give you a jumping off point. You are by no means limited to just these. The possibilities are only limited by how far your imagination can take you. 

As always, we encourage you to use one or more of the freebies provided during the week in your project, but we by no means want to exclude those who don't have access to a printer. If you can't print the freebies, simple use whatever you have in your stash, as long as your creation remains within the weeks theme.

Our challenge lead, Michelle Calvert will be out of town this week, so we will have a stand in. For this week only, send your project images to Christy Daugherty. She will add a number to the image before placing it in the album that corresponds to this challenge. The winner will be chosen using a, which is a random number generator. 

As always folks, this is an anonymous challenge.

The deadline for entering this week's challenge is Friday, March 31st at midnight.
The winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday, April 2nd.

Join us over at the Koala T Crafts Facebook page, and submit your entry into this weeks Challenge.

I can't wait to see your amazing creations!


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