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Stamping Platforms! How to use them and how are they different?

Beginner Stamping III: The Right Position

 Alright students, today we will be looking at a set of tools that will assist us in our stamping journey! These tools are very similar and all are meant to;

1. help stamp straight sentiments
2. make layered stamping easier 
3. multiple stamping like Christmas or Thank You cards simpler
4. stamped images can be stamped over if they are not clear the first time and 
5. there are cleaner images, without rocking a block

The names, who presented the tool, the year they were released to the public, the size and accessories are as follows;


(Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented) by My Sweet Petunia was first introduced to the public in 2015. 

Misti Stamp Tool Original Size Stamp Positioner

The original size has a stamping area of 8.5"x 6.5", laser etched grid lines on the acrylic lid, ruler on three sides, paper with grid lines, foam mat to allow for clear and rubber stamps and two very strong *neodymium magnets. 
MISTI Mini 6"x 4.75"

Since the release, the Misti has been expanded to two other sizes, Mini has a stamping area of 6"x 4.75", the Large Misti has a 12.5"x 12.5" platform for stamping. 

There is replacement grid paper as well as magnets and corners to help stamp smaller projects. This year My Sweet Petunia came out with protective cover/carrying case for the Regular and Mini Misti.

Studio Bag Pink

Stamp Perfect Tool 

By Hampton Arts was released in early 2016.
Hampton Art Stamp Perfect Tool
It's stamping area was 7.37"x 5.5". The tool included a grid on its acrylic lid, a mat for use of cling and rubber stamps and two magnets. There were measurements down three sides of the tool. Since the patent of the MISTI was released in 2017, the STAMP PERFECT TOOL was pulled off shelves in the U.S., claiming infringement recall as of March 2017.

Precision Press

By WRMK (We Are Memory Keepers) was released in late 2017. 

We R Memory Keepers Precision Press 

It's stamping area was 7"x 7", had a grid printed in its acrylic lid, with measurements down three sides and open on the sides to allow for a larger paper. It did not have magnets because the base was not magnetic. The metal hinges readjusted to the thickness of the stamp being used. Soon after it's release, it was pulled from the shelves and improved. At Creativation in January 2018, WRMK released the 'Advanced' version.

Precision Press Advanced

This new platform has a stamp area of 7"x 7" but has open edges to accommodate 12"x 12" paper. It now has pegs instead of hinges. The lid now becomes an acrylic block that comes off and back on in exactly the same position allowing for perfect restamping. The holes for the pegs are located along each side allowing you to turn the block in any direction as well as turn it over. 

The acrylic block can also be used separately from the system as a stamping block! It has four rubber feet to help keep an even pressure. Replacement blocks can be purchased to make layered stamping easier! 

We R Memory Keepers Acrylic Block 

Precision Press, Clear

A foam pad and two strong *magnets are included to hold down your cardstock. You'll find that the platform can be sold separately.

We R Memory Precision Press Advanced


From Stampin' Up was released to the public in March 2018. It has a gridded base that has a stamping area 7"x 7". It has a foam mat to make it compatible with rubber and clear stamps.

Stamparatus Stamp Tool,
stamp foam, and magnets

It has rulers on two sides and the other two are open to accommodate larger pieces of paper. There are two re-positional plates which give you multiple sides to stamp with! There is two very strong bar *magnets included which are stored on the bottom.

Tim Holtz Stamp Platform

Ever since the presentation of the TH Stamp Platform at Creativation 2018 in January, the crafting world has been eager to get their hands on it! 

Tonic Studios - Tim Holtz - Stamp Platform

It has a gridded sturdy base that has measurements including metric on two sides. The other two sides are open to accommodate 12"x 12" paper. The Platform has an 8.5"x 8.5" stamping area.

What makes this tool so unique is the lack of hinges. The lid has solid plastic pieces that pivot around a metal rod! One side is to be used for clear stamps and the other side for rubber stamps. The lid is clearly marked which side is to be used. 

A Travel Size Stamp Platform has become portable! Despite its small size it still has a stamping area of 6.5"x 6.5"! It has all the features of its big brother but has two smaller strong *magnets.

Tonic Tim Holtz Travel Platform

Recently, a neoprene sleeve has become available for the regular and travel size TH Stamp Platforms!

TONIC STUDIOS Tim Holtz Platform Sleeve

What a lot of information! I hope you took notes for there will be a test this week! (Just kidding!!) I tried to be informative and stay neutral, not declaring my favorite or which ones I happen to own!

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*NOTE: Neodymium magnets are very brittle and very strong magnetically. Keep away from children. Handle the magnets with extreme care to avoid personal injury and damage to the magnets. Fingers can be severely pinched between attracting magnets. Magnets can chip and/or break easily.

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