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Stamp Layering
Stamp layering is an amazing way to easily create realistic looking florals and other objects such as deer, cardinal, hummingbird, flamingo, goldfish, trees, and even an octopus. These unique stamps give you the ability to create masterpieces with very little effort! 

Matching Each Layer

Some companies now show grouped stamps, numbered order, pictured diagrams and even markings such as a small dot to match up not only the stamps but the dies as well! This makes it a much easier task than turning the image around and around hoping you will find the right place. 

Layered floral groups that have been
 circled on the plastic protection sheet

Layering guide on the back of the package. 

A thin clear acrylic block can be used on the layering. Once you know the matching point, it will be easier to see through a thinner block. 

One other tool you may consider using would be a stamp platform of some kind. There are so many on the market now, you should get the same results with any of them. I used my Misti to make some of the following prints. 

Misti Stamp Positioner 

This works best for me. It is a pricey item but one that can be used every time I stamp.  I can position the stamp exactly where I want it before I ink. If the image didn't stamp properly, without moving the stamp, it can be inked again and stamped in the exact spot. 

The Misti also makes it easy for me to use for multiples or to use at Make-n-Takes (Crops).
Everyone has their own way of doing what is most comfortable for them. Below you find an easy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) stamp positioner that is great for the beginner or to take on the go!

DIY Stamp Positioner

Stamping The Image

I decided just to make a rose to show you how it's done. Choose three shades of the same color of ink. 

A dye-based ink works very well with this type of stamping. (Distress Oxides do not look right when used. They have a chalky finish and the colors do not seem to blend on their own.) A dye-based ink will absorb into each other. There will not be harsh lines to see where one shade starts and another begins.

Just a side note, I happen to like a particular ink for this project though I have used many different kinds.

The one I like is most important to me because of certain properties:
-It's a water-based ink that dries right away
-It's a crisp image right away
-Color stays, some inks fade when they dry
-They can come in a collection of 4 from light to   darkest
-A collection takes the guesswork out of finding     the right colors
-They work well with other inks

Decide which properties are important to you before purchasing your inks.

Stamp Away!

Find and remove the set of stamps that create the image you desire. Set them in order on your craft mat starting from the first to the last. 

 Choose a color of ink that has several shades from light to dark. Ink the most solid stamp with the lightest ink. The next stamp will be a shade darker and have a little less definition. The third will not look like a flower at all! Some images come with a 4th layer and some come with an outline when the layers are done. 

When placing your stamp, look for an
edge that matches on each layer

Your next layer will be aligned at the pencil mark.

The second stamp layer

The third layer will be aligned in the same spot. This spot can be marked with a black Sharpie on each stamp to make it easier for next use.

Preparing for third layer

And the finished flower...

A peach peony on creme cardstock

Second Generation Stamping

An acrylic block must be used for this next technique. It's the same layering process but after you stamp the first time, stamp a second time near it. The second stamping of each layer creates a softer, lighter colored layer.

Second Generation stamping

Spotlight Stamping

Once your first flower is finished, use your lightest shade and your second layer and make extra prints randomly around your cardstock, making sure to leave room for your sentiment.

When I stamped my sentiment, I used the darkest shade I had and stamped right onto the cardstock. The sentiment can be any design you'd like. 

Now use it to make a beautiful card. You just finished the background paper and focal point all in one!

A stamp positioner helps to get a great alignment of images but so does a sharp eye and an acrylic block! Stamping layers is simple when you take your time. Don't fret about not lining up exactly and then throwing the paper away after one or two layers. Both of my cards had a layer that was not aligned!

Walk away from your card for a day. You'll see a masterpiece when you come back!

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