Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pinwheel Card ~ No Fancy Tools Required!

Hey Crafters! Welcome to a quick and 
easy PINWHEEL Card tutorial. 

This card looks tricky but it isn't and you 
don't need any fancy tools to create it.

Click HERE to watch the tutorial on YouTube. 
Scroll down for the supply list and instructions.

Card stock

Start with 6 x 6 inch cardstock
Line your ruler at one edge of
Mark it of at 2 1/4" and 3 3/4"
Repeat on all three sides.

Turn the cardstock to look like a diamond with one of the pointed edges towards you.

Connect the two dots that are furthest in, give it a score.

Do this all the way around the card.

You will be able to see the four small triangles that have been made on the card stock.  

Trim those areas off. 

<<<------- You will end up with something like this. Turn the cardstock sideways, so that one of the straight sides of the cardstock is towards you (not the pointy edge).

Mark the bottom of the cardstock from the outside at 3/4" using your ruler. Repeat for all four corners.
Connect the tip of the small triangle and the mark just created, make score marks using ruler or bone folder.

Repeat the above for all four sides.

Fold all the score lines and you will have something like this.  

(Refer to the picture)

Now flip the card and close it. 
Close each flap one by one, covering the corner edges with the next flap.

When you have closed three flaps and you reach the fourth one, just tuck that corner edge into the flaps closed to secure it and make sure it doesn't open.

This is what you get once you have followed all the above instructions carefully. This pinwheel card looks even  better when you use double sided pattern paper to make it. 

Share your Pinwheel card with the KoalaTCrafts community at FACEBOOK !  It's a fun community of crafters offering support and inspiration in a No Commitment, No Drama atmosphere. 

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