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Gemini: The electric embosser and cutter in one!

Why the Gemini?!?


plural noun, originated 1350-1400 Middle English < Latin, plural of geminus

1. Astronomy, the Twins, a zodiacal constellation between Taurus and Cancer

2. Astrology, the third sign of  the zodiac, a person born under that sign would be around
    May 21st - June 20th

3. Koala T Crafts, twin sisters that drank diet Mt Dew: Code Red on their birthday last year, 
     March 2nd, one suspiciously suggesting to the other that it would taste sweeter 
     with a little rum! (Giggle!)

4. Crafter's Companion,  an innovative tool with a twin 
     function die cutter and embosser!
 the Gemini

Yes, Crafter's Companion, (the company known for Spectrum Noir Markers, Aqua Markers,
AquaBlend Pencils and Sparkle Markers) has created a tool to make crafting, of all sorts, simpler and easier.
  • It has a sleek design and low profile of only 5.6" high!
  • But WAIT, it has a large platform size of 9" x 12 1/2" allowing more versatility.
OH, C'MON, anyone can copy a website or sound like an ad! I have a card making/quilting friend that received a Gemini for Christmas last year. I couldn't wait to be able to use it myself!  The electronic machine is impressive and not one you would want to tote to a crop. It measures 14" wide, nearly 8" deep and weighs over 15 pounds! 

The weight is because of the heavy-duty rollers that press so hard that they can cut up to several layers of fabric (making quilter's drool over the mention of it), vinyl, foil and leather. It also gently cuts the most intricate of dies, can cut all of your dies for a scrapbook page all at once and all I had to do was touch a button. Actually, it has three buttons. The Gemini has a Pause and a Rewind button as well!

 Can you tell I was impressed? I brought items to cut for my own personal use. It is compatible with most dies and embossing folders. The die cuts that also have embossed detail turn out beautifully! I was wondering if I could wait until Christmas?! The only negative thing for me, personally, was its weight. I would have to store it when I wasn't using it which meant moving it back and forth. It's heavier than my hand crank (I am appreciative, I am...) and I just don't have the space to keep it out.  I'm sure others have similar issues. But how can I justify getting it NOW?

Crafter's Companion to the rescue! A 'twin', of sorts...

 Gemini Junior
Introducing the Gemini JUNIOR....all the power and punch of the Original Gemini in a smaller package!  It has a similar size platform as my hand crank, still only 7 1/2" deep, but 10" long and only 10 pounds! (How heavy is that hand crank? A little weight lifting wouldn't hurt me!)  It can still cut through the same thick items and the fanciest of dies. 
***CAUTION: Those of you with steel rule dies, sadly, they do not fit into this machine. 

Well, that is what I found out about the Gemini and a short year later, the Gemini Junior. If you still have questions, you could leave them in the comments below. 

 Crafter's Companion

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