Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Top 10 Card Making Essentials


Top 10 Card Making Essentials

(for beginners)

We were all beginners at one time. I still have the Santa card I made for my
grandmother when I was in kindergarten. The construction paper is frail,
the cotton ball at the end of his hat is nothing but a few cotton webs. It finally
found a home in an archival page protector. That’s a story for another day.

I'm going to share a list of what I think are the top 10 supplies needed for card making.

There are an abundance of choices for paper, embellishments, trimmers, tools and more!! Probably even items in your home that will work! This list is just a suggestion from my experience, and I hope it will help many of you who are just getting started.


10.   A Pattern or Your Imagination
9.    Embellishments
8.    Stamps and Ink, Cleaner
7.    Patterned paper
6.    Markers, colored pencils, maybe paint, even your child’s
5.    Scissors

4.    Ruler
3.    Adhesives

2.    Paper/ Cardstock
Jen and I agree that this item would be a good investment. Either a
self-healing craft mat or any of the heatproof, waterproof craft mats, like
Ranger’s.  It will protect your work surface from spills, stains, hot glue
and ink dirtiness. There are also glass craft mats made by
EK Success and Tonic as well as others.

Refer to Jen’s video for more ideas!

Please leave any comments or questions below. Feedback and ideas are
welcome! Since this is a No Commitment/No Drama Community, I ask that
your comments be respectful and worded positively.

Good things come to those that Create! Artistically Yours,

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