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Techniques and Card Making

The question is: Will there be a WEEK #6 in the Alcohol Inks & Yupo Paper Series? That is up to YOU, the viewer. Every week you have watched as magic was practiced! Do you realize that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to reproduce the artwork you previously created with the alcohol inks and Yupo paper? That is magic! Let's take a look at how this magic began. 

WEEK #1 Begin the Journey

Many of you have known about the alcohol inks. Some have heard of Yupo paper and the unique qualities of being untearable and waterproof. Did you know that Yupo paper is made of polypropylene pellets and is a tree-free paper that is 100% recyclable?  It can be made into items from labels to shopping bags, then used over again! Amazing, isn't it? 
Yupo Paper

But what if you are interested in this adventure but your budget hasn't the room for new craft supplies? That is where the video of WEEK #1 begins. Alcohol Inks and Alternate Products showed us how we can get started by using some things you may have in your home! What other surfaces might these inks work on? Watch the following video to find out!
WEEK #1: Alcohol Inks and Alternative Products

WEEK #2 Mode of Transportation

What beautiful colors: blue, violet, teal and yellow! The drips grow and some change color but what can we do to make them move? The surface that we chose is nonporous so the ink can move across the smooth surface! How about picking the paper up and tilting it? 

The introduction of the Alcohol Blending Solution and plain 91% Isopropyl Alcohol made the inks change. It seemed as if the drips of alcohol made the colors disappear! Depending on how you apply it, alcohol does remove the ink. Actually, you could erase the whole picture and start over if you wish. Now that's MAGIC! Watch WEEK #2 of Alcohol Inks & Yupo Paper to learn ideas on how to get moving!
WEEK #2: Getting Your Inks Moving/Techniques & Tools

WEEK #3: Having Fun Along the Way

The inks can be moved! Do the inks change color when moved from one color to another? Would it be possible to use an alcohol-based marker on Yupo paper and then use a blending pen to draw? 
Ohuhu Alcohol Markers

Alcohol Ink Blending Pen

Will it move the colors or remove the colors? Could a picture be created? Find out by watching WEEK #3 of the Alcohol Inks & Yupo Paper Series!
Alcohol Markers and Ghost Stamping

WEEK #4: What Sights To Behold!

Coming around the bend, we are suddenly blinded by the brilliant view! Mirrored cardstock, in gold or several other colors, is a smooth, nonporous surface. 
Gold Mirrored Cardstock

Black Mirrored Cardstock

Several color suggestions

If the brilliant colors and uniqueness of each creation isn't enough for you, a way to move those colors might pique your interest. But then there is the removal or change of color and the possibility of creating a picture amongst the hues. What could there be that could be more dazzling than discovering alcohol inks work on mirrored paper? There is an answer in WEEK #4 of the Alcohol Inks & Yupo Paper Series!
WEEK #4: Mirrored and Glossy Cardstock, Mixatives, and Water Based Markers

WEEK #5: Homeward Bound to Card Making and a Giveaway!

After taking a detour, three new techniques were introduced and the viewers went wild!

Technique 1

Starting with a blank piece of Yupo paper, drops of brilliant inks were added. We were looking for the edge where the colors met and mixed. This area seemed to stay tacky as long as it wasn't too dry. A piece of Deco Foil was laid, shiny, colored side up, onto these areas and burnished with a bone folder. The results were breathtaking! 
Alcohol Inks, Yupo paper, and Deco Foil

The gold foil looked as if it was marbled throughout, pushing the colors, creating a beautiful roadmap! Imagine each one different than the others!

Yupo paper, alcohol inks and Deco Foil

Deco Foil, 5 Transfer Sheets, 6" x 12", Gold
Deco Foil Transfer Sheets in Champagne, Spring Green, Aqua, Deep Blue, Lilac & Pink Melon, Bundle of 6

Technique 2

An example was shown of alcohol inks put onto cardstock and they had absorbed into soft pools of color. Looking closer, small dots of gold were scattered across the paper! It was 'Beautimous'! (Yes, that really is a word!)

The process to create a similar image was very simple. After choosing a background stamp and embossing color, Versamark ink was applied to the background stamp then it was pressed onto a colorful piece of Yupo paper. Black embossing powder was added and heated. It's always magical to watch the powder turn shiny and solid! The crackle textured background easily contrasted the colors. 

Yupo paper, alcohol inks and black,
 heat embossed crackle design from a background stamp!

Technique 3

If heat embossing works, what about stamping? Viewers asked if Versamark worked, would Versafine? A solid heart stamp was used for the experiment. Did the ink rub off? What about a Distress Ink? Would Stazon work? The only way to find the answers is to watch WEEK #5: Techniques and Cardmaking!
Alcohol Inks & Yupo Paper Series WEEK #5: Techniques and Cardmaking

As you watch the video, you will notice a few tools that are used and briefly mentioned. You can find more information on them below.
Tsukineko Full-Size VersaMark Pigment Inkpad, 3-Inch X 2-Inch, Clear
Tsukineko VersaFine Instant Dry Pigment Ink, Onyx Black

Alcohol, dye and fragrance-free baby wipes for the easy cleanup!

Ranger Heat It Craft Tool won't blow your paper or other items on your work surface!

On the Horizon

The time flew by faster than we all thought. It was so fun to participate with the others on Friday Free Play. It felt like we were all there, surrounding the work table, chatting and giggling! 

Now, what do we do with all of our wonderous works of art? Each step of the way was as exciting and addicting as the first! But when does the cardmaking begin? Unfortunately, time flies when you're having fun and there was no time to go into making cards. As you can imagine, there was a disappointment and a cry went up by the viewers to do a WEEK #6: CARDMAKING!

You will not want to miss this LIVE video on Friday Free Play at 5pm CST. Another chance to catch Jen LIVE is on Wednesdays at 5pm CST for One in Ten by Jen: Card InJENuity from mailbox to masterpiece! Remember when Jen is LIVE, you have a chance to participate in the Koala T Crafts Community! 

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Koala T Crafts is Giving Away a Set of 3 Alcohol Inks: Cranberry, Lettuce & Eggplant, a Silver Mixative plus a Stack of Paper to a viewer! Secondly, 10 other viewers will receive a small pack of assorted papers! So watch the video and leave a comment on the first 5 videos in the Series! You must make your comments by midnight, 11:59pm CST on Friday, May 18, 2018 and the winners will be drawn randomly on Saturday, May 19, 2018! 
Good Luck!
xoxo, Jen

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