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Simple & Easy Foiling Techniques: No Heat

It's the first LIVE video in a new series about using foil in your cardmaking! Now, I don't mean kitchen aluminum foil. Although there are uses for that too! 

See Jen's playlist on Koala T Crafts YouTube Channel and type in 'aluminum foil'. Several videos should come up using aluminum foil techniques!
Koala T Crafts YouTube Channel
So, the foil I'm talking about is Deco Foil. There are other brands out there but this is the one that we get to play with! It is a decorative foil that is attached to a plastic film that gives this fragile item the ability to be handled and the foil transferred to many of your projects! Deco Foil comes in many colors as well as watercolor blends and a rainbow design which is absolutely GORGEOUS!! 

Deco Foil - Transfer Sheets - Green, Ocean Blue, Magenta, Purple, Red & Vibrant Rainbow - Bundle of SIX "Vibrant" Colors

Deco Foil Liquid Adhesive (Glue)

This first video of the Deco Foil Series is full of ideas for using the foil without having to heat it at all! That's right! No foiling machine or laminator needed to make your card beautiful!  Deco Foil's Liquid Adhesive, or Glue, has a narrow tip suitable for writing with. The secret to quick drying times is to apply smooth, thin, even lines. Try to avoid "blobs" where lines meet or turn. These will take longer to dry. When dry, the glue becomes clear and tacky. This is when you can apply your foil, always shiny side up.  

You can use your finger or bone folder to burnish the foil onto the paper but the cleanest, clearest image happens when even pressure is applied, like through a Cuttlebug or Big Shot.
Draw with Deco Foil Liquid Adhesive (Glue),
let dry, then press foil with even pressure.

Deco Foil Liquid Adhesive (Glue)

The foil creates a barrier, providing the perfect spot for a little water coloring with the new Distress Oxides!

Deco Foil Glue vs. Alternative

This is fabulous! Beautiful, easy foiling! But what if there was a possibility of an alternative to Deco Foil's Liquid Adhesive (Glue)? Something in a larger amount for all the Christmas Cards you are going to start on? Something that may be less expensive? Regular glues won't work, for once they are dry, they are no longer sticky or...tacky.

Enough clues! You'll have to watch the video and see Jen do a little comparison! (What is really neat is that you are able to see the comments and notice how Jen interacts with the viewers! FUN!) 

Items from YOUR craft room!

One of the simplest ways of adding foil bling is using Pop Dots. Simply apply the foil (shiny side up) and you have instant spots of splendor!
Glue Dots Removable Dot Sheets Value Pack, Contains 600 (.5 Inch) Adhesive Dots 

Why not try stripes? Any of your tapes will work just as instant and slick as the glue dots!!

Scor-Pal Scor-Tape, 0.25 by 27-Yard

Scotch Advanced Tape Glider with 2 Rolls 

of 1/4-Inch by 36-Yard Acid-Free Tape

How many of you have a Xyron Sticker maker? I have seen one that has an opening of about 6 inches! A piece of cardstock, cut into any shape, can be fed through the Sticker Maker and made into an element that has a sticky side. HINT: Make sure to burnish thoroughly prior to exposing the stickiness for best results. Press the foil onto the sticky, shiny side up, and then slowly peel off the excess. Beautiful Bling! You can make up some ahead of time, have fun just foiling! Or when you need that extra 'something-something', it will be right at your fingertips!

Xyron Sticker Maker "X" 1.5 i

Free-hand and Stencils

Deco Foil makes a pen that is similar to a paint pen but has the same liquid adhesive in it that was used earlier to apply foil.  The pen creates an even line of glue continuously, making it easy to write with!

 Therm O Web Deco Foil Adhesive Pen, 0.34 fl. oz.

Deco Foil also has an adhesive that comes in a small tub. It's called Transfer Gel and it is fun to play with! Smooth it thinly over your favorite stencil. After removing the stencil, rinse the stencil immediately or have a tub of sudsy water nearby. You will ruin your stencil if it dries on it. Let your project dry completely. This is a great craft for the end of the day when it can sit overnight to dry. Once dry, lay foil over it and carefully press, without moving the image. 
 Deco Foil Transfer Gel, 4 oz

Crafters Workshop Template, 6 by 6-Inch, Fancy Feathers

Using your fingers or a bone folder to smooth the foil, in any of these examples, is fine. Just remember, smooth, even pressure will give the best result. Using the Cuttlebug or Big Shot works perfectly.
Cricut Cuttlebug Die Cutting & Embossing Machine

 Pulling off the carrier sheet and extra foil to reveal your masterpiece is breathtaking! I love the look of the feathers in the video! You should see it!
Stenciled feathers in rainbow, gold and watercolor foils, double-sided tape lines and Pop Dot foil spots made into a card front!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg, my crafty friends! Jen will be exploring many more ways to add foil to our cards and other paper crafts!  If you are interested in collecting a bundle of some of the items that will be used in the series, check out the link below.

Foil Transfer Accessory Bundle Transfer Gel, Parchment Paper, Deco Foil Adhesive Pen, Deco Foil Peel N Stick Toner, Palette Knife, Bone Folder, Silver And Gold Deco Foil Sheets

Take a look at the Amazon page where Jen shares the items she highly recommends! 

LIVE video Foiling: WEEK #1

Watch Deco Foil Series: WEEK #1: Simple and Easy Foiling Techniques, NO HEAT !!

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