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Tsukineko Inks

Get Familiar with Tsukineko

Since 1952 the company Tsukineko has always tried to make quality inks and ink pads. In 1982, they made the first water-based pigment ink pad, Memento. Crafters everywhere joyfully welcomed this product! It was originally made to use on vellum and coated papers, it is now used on Bristol and cardstock alike. Memento is now widely known for its ability to be fade resistant, to work well with watercolor and alcohol-based markers such as Copic. This led to many other inks we know and use every day.

Stazon Ink

Crafters are familiar with the StazOn Inkpad. This ink is a pigment ink and can be used on non-porous items such as vellum, acetate, glass, plastics, and metal. It takes longer to dry but then becomes permanent. Since it has such a permanent quality, it may stain your stamps. This will not hurt them, but you may desire to have the StazOn Cleaner the company offers.
Tsukineko  Full-Size StazOn Multi-Surface Inkpad, Jet Black


Color poured from Tsukeniko's doors! Soon black wasn't good enough. Craft trends moved towards color so VersaColor was born.

This pigment ink is bold, thicker and opaque! Due to its thicker quality, VersaColor takes 10-15 minutes to dry. This makes it very easy to emboss. Tsukeniko suggests using clear embossing powder to preserve the rich colors. There are 76 colors to choose from! 

Tsukeniko became the leader in multicolor ink pads next. They took five of their colored ink pads and cut them down to create one gradient color pad! There are several combinations to choose from.

VersaColor 5-Color Pigment Ink Pad: Wild Berries

Then appeared five colors that could be used next to each other or slid apart, KaleidaColor! This also comes in several ink combinations.

Tsukineko 5-Color Kaleidacolor Dye Inkpad, Bouquet

Going crazy, Tsukeniko put twelve of their most sought-after colors together into one ink pad and called it "Splendor"!

Tsukineko 12-Color Splendor Multi-Color Pigment Inkpad, Circus


VersaMark is the original watermark stamp pad. It lets crafters create several different effects from two-toned stamping to resist. Many crafters use it for heat embossing. It grabs the embossing powder and holds it while heated with a heat tool.
Butterfly stamped with Versamark, sprinkled with Embossing Powder and heat created a raised butterfly

This causes your stamped image to have a raised or shiny, water and alcohol resist surface where the VersaMark was applied!  This ink is sticky enough to be used to adhere chalk and Perfect Pearls which can cause stunning, colorful effects when used on black cardstock! Try it on any dark colored cardstock!
Tsukineko  Full-Size VersaMark Pigment Inkpad

Versamark, Perfect Pearls and a paint brush!

 VersaMark also comes in an inker, a pen, and even a mini cube pad! The inker is a bottle of the VersaMark solution to add to your pad to make it juicy again.

 The pen has the same solution but with a dual tip marker. One end is a felt bullet tip while the other end is a synthetic brush. Try writing your name and emboss it with your favorite color! The mini pad is just that, a little sister to the regular size VersaMark. 

Tsukineko Dual-Ended VersaMarker Pen

Tsukineko RM000001 1/2 Fluid Ounce VersaMark Inker


Versafine is unique oil-based ink that has an ability to show the finest detail when stamped. It dries quickly on porous surfaces and is embossable on coated surfaces. When dry, it becomes water-resistant.
Crafters most often choose Versafine Onyx Black with their favorite watercolor paints, watercolor markers, gelatos and watercolor pencils and crayons.  Crafters like it because Versafine stays black and bold. It does not smear or bleed through the lines. It also gives crisp, clear, fine detail of your stamped images!

Versafine is light-fast, fade resistant and archival. This means your stamped pictures and sentiments will not fade in sunlight. They will not change colors over time and they will stay true to their color.

New ink in town

There's a new ink coming from Tsukeniko! Released in January 2018, Versafine Clair is quickly becoming a favorite! What makes this ink so special is that it is a pigment ink that dries fast, like a dye ink. Once dry, stamped images are waterproof and will not smear! 

Warm Breeze Versafine Clair Ink Pad

Glamourous Versafine Clair Ink Pad

The Versafine Clair Nocturne is the blackest of blacks crafters can find today!

Nocturne Versafine Clair Ink Pad

Due to the raised ink pad, this ink is better than ever to use with stamps for DTP-purposes (direct-to-paper). 
DTP, direct-to-paper technique
VersaFine Clair ink enables you to stamp more images than any other inkpad on the market! The cases are airtight and shaped to fit the palm of your hand easily. 

This new line of VersaFine inks is available in great vintage and bright colors, something crafters have been looking forward to! (And they have really cool, unique and easy to remember names!)

This ink comes in 24 vibrant colors.

Tsukineko continues to produce inks and ink pads to fit the ever-changing needs of crafters. I encourage you to visit their website. You will be amazed at the variety of inks they have to offer!

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