Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Colored Pencil Creations

Who knew that colored pencils could be used on black cardstock? The card shown in the example was fabulous! It's amazing what a little doodling can do!

Card made with black cardstock
 doodled with colored pencils

Three separate sets of colored pencils were used as examples of different techniques. Why not color on black cardstock? Let's see what it can do!

Lyra Super Ferby

These pencils have a large triangular shape and a comfortable grip which is particularly suitable for beginners and left-handed people. When applied to the black cardstock they seem to light up as if that's what they were made for! 

Background on dark cardstock
using Lyra Super Ferby pencils

Darice Cardstock, 8.5 by 11-Inch, Black Cat, 50-Pack 

LYRA Super Ferby Lacquered Triangular 

Giant Colored Pencils, Set of 12 Pencils,

Prismacolor Pencils

These pencils have soft cores which seem to glide across the paper!  This makes them easy to blend, shade and layer. Try using a punch to make a stencil to color with these rich colors. Look how the blue butterflies seem to pop off the page!

Punching butterfly to use the negative piece as a stencil!

Look at them playing amongst the stars! All made with homemade stencils and Prismacolor pencils!

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, 72 Pack

Cra-Z-art Colored Pencils

Surprisingly, even the cheapest brand of colored pencils came through with flying colors! They have a wide range of vibrant colors that lay down smoothly on any paper. These colored pencils also work well with others such as the Prismacolor and Super Ferby.

Beautiful flower made with the
Cra-Z-Art Colored pencil set

Cra-Z-art Colored Pencils, 72 Count 

Where did the white come from?

There is a white gel ballpoint pen that is used by artists everywhere for its ability to show a truly opaque white when applied. Sometimes a light hand is needed to keep the ball moving to allow the ink to flow but once it does...POW! 

Look at the samples that were made. Two were backgrounds and one will be used as a focal point. Can you see the white accents?

Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Pen - White - Pack of 3

Watch the video of Friday Free Play LIVE from Friday, 7/19/2018  at 5:00pm CST and see how easy it can be to create by just doodling! Break out those colored pencils and create beautiful masterpieces! The video will also show you how to use what you have created into simple but amazing, eye-catching cards! 

Techniques Using Dark Cardstock
 For Cardmaking/ Series #3

There was a bonus taught to us. Those of us that have had an ATG (Advanced Tape Glider) gun for a while know how difficult replacing the tape can be at first. After you have done it a few times you'll get the hang of it!😃

Making it so easy to replace the tape in the ATG Gun!

We all look forward to seeing your cards and creations! Please download them into the album for the Techniques Using Dark Cardstock Series. Be an inspiration to us all!

Catch Jen LIVE on Wednesdays at 5:00PM CST for One in Ten by Jen: Card InJENuity from mailbox to masterpiece! where the viewers send in their scraps and challenge Jen to create a card in less than 10 minutes, timed! 

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Remember, great things happen to those that create!
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