Sunday, February 18, 2018

Art for Therapy?

Art Therapy

(Calming, fun, creative, relaxing)

Where to begin?

We all know that art can be very therapeutic. 
  • But what if you don't have time? 
  • What if you don’t have space for all the supplies? 
  • What if you feel you're just not creative? 
  • Who can teach you?
You’ve heard that being creative everyday is very therapeutic but
where do you begin? 

“Some of the simplest of things can teach us the most profound lessons in
life.” - Henry David Thoreau

Being Creative can be Simple

Being creative can be as simple as a pencil and paper. 

Want more? 

Use colored pencils and HEY! how about a coloring book? 

Yes, I said “coloring book”! Something you can sit and doodle with while your child is doing homework. How about watching television and coloring at the same time? You could even take it to work with you and work on it at lunch!

Coloring Books

Now I’m not talking about one of your child’s books. I’m talking about an ADULT Coloring Book!

Yes! There are Adult Coloring Books out there that are great for doodling. No one says you
have to stay in the lines, it’s your book!

From flowers to animals to mandalas, you’ll be surprised at what you can find once you start
looking! If your a beginner, you’ll soon find yourself looking at something more challenging and beautiful!

Colored Pencils

So, are you still going to be using that pencil? 

There are colored pencils


Or markers

Gel Pens

and I just discovered gel pens!

The very same gel pens your daughters and sons used in school and at home, decorating every folder and notebook (and sometimes homework?). 

When finished you can
  1. Keep your collection safe in the book or frame it as home decor and you’ll feel proud at every compliment. 
  2. Use your art as a gift or make something with it like a greeting card. 

The ideas are endless!


And yes, you can use your child’s crayons but why not get a set of your own?

Coloring is a therapy all its own, giving the artist freedom and relaxation! It's something you can take with you anywhere, and it comes as easy to us as riding a bike! We've all done some coloring in our youth, why not bring back the fun and creative pleasures that we used to know when we were kids! 

Have fun Creating and see you next time!


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