Tuesday, February 13, 2018

LEGO Head Valentine Box Storage Idea!

LEGO Head valentine box

Making homemade valentines and boxes has been our family tradition for the last 5  years. We’ve made pirate ships, ninja turtles, minions, an alligator, a ninja warrior, army battle ship and of course monsters. 

This year it’s a Lego head.


Austin helped me design the Lego valentines that I shared a day or two ago on facebook and they were a huge hit. His brother Will decided he’s going to take them to school. With homemade valentines, We had to make a coordinating “box”.

For this project I took an empty protein powder container. You guessed it!! It’s an 
up-cycle  project!

(My husband is a gym rat and he goes through 2 of these containers a week)

  If you know someone who goes to a gym ask them to save you one more or pop into a nearby gym and ask if they would save you some. Trust me, they would be more than happy to give them to you.

But any large plastic container will work just make sure it has an opening large enough to put your hand into it. 

Remove the plastic shrink wrap.
Spray with kryon paint for plastic....I used yellow, but LEGO heads are different colors. So 
any color will do.

Spray paint the lid and all. 

If you really want it to look authentic take a lid off of another container and hot glue it on the bottom of the container and then spray paint it. So you that you have lid, container, lid.

Make sure this is done in a well ventilated area. A second coat may be necessary.

Will went on google images to find a LEGO face. 

He picked out one that he wanted and imported it into my design space for Cricut. I resized it and cut it out of black card stock, which he glued on the container. 

If you don’t have a Cricut ! NO PROBLEM!  Just cut out a couple of circles 1 1/2” or use google eyes and glue on. Add a smile and your finished. Or make up your own face.

LEGO heads have hundreds of different faces, so any kind of face will work. There is no wrong way to make a lego head.

Didn’t I say that it was easy?

Don’t need a valentine container? 

This project can be used to store Legos. 

I made several of these containers for lego storage and sold them at the school’s Christmas craft fair and the boys loved them!

What I think would be cool is to have a shelf full of different heads storing the different legos. I know my grandsons have a lot of legos and I’m going to make several for them to store their legos and other small toys.

The only difference is,  I will be using adhesive vinyl for the face for more durability.

Have fun creating family memories with your child!!

From my Crafty place to yours, See you next time!!

Can't make the DIY project yourself? 


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