Monday, February 19, 2018

What is a Craft Mat?

What is a Craft Mat?

Can anything be a craft mat?
An old towel?
Paper towel?
A drop cloth?
How about newspaper as a craft mat?

It's something you put down to keep the table from getting messy, right?

(I guess it depends on how big of mess you think your going to make!)

Well, two different types of craft mats come to mind when someone asks me which to buy.  I naturally would ask them what type of craft they were working on first.

Self-Healing Mat

One craft mat I own is just that, a mat. It is thick, the top is kind of rubbery.  I use it to cut with my Xacto Knife or rotary cutter and it won’t leave a mark. It has a grid stamped into it in 1” increments, some are marked as little as a ¼” on the sides. These grid marks are great if you want a certain size or to make sure something is straight. I use this to line up my paper to be cut and put my stamp on straight. It stores without bending.

Craft Mat

The other craft mat I own is called a Craft Mat. It is paper thin and is very smooth. I keep mine rolled into a tube when I am not using it. This mat is made of heat resistant Teflon. You can iron a transfer onto material on it and it will not damage the surface underneath. The Craft Mat is also waterproof. If your paint brush dripped onto it, paper towel could wipe it up. If you were to spill glue on it, it would not stick. If melted wax were to spill on it, it would come off when dry without any trouble. This mat is used by crafters because paint and water spills, dyes, glitter, gesso or Modge Podge and more, all clean up with a damp cloth or can be easily removed and swept away. It’s AMAZING!

Each  craft mat has different properties for different uses in your craft room.

(unless you prefer a drop cloth?!)

Have fun Creating and see you next time!



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