Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Unique memory saving hand casting kit

Unique Memory Saving

Saving memories is so important in today’s world. There is something special available that CASTS the most one-of-a-kind memory.

Easy and Safe

Luna Bean is an easy, safe, fun, memorable way of creating a beautiful, priceless hand-mold keepsake. A unique hand casting kit which produces a rubbery plastic that forms, to create a mold around  one hand, two hands, a child’s hand, an infant's hand holding their grandmother’s into a soft wiggle-free plastic molding. CAPTURE EVERY PRECIOUS DETAIL!

What fits in the bucket?

Anything that can fit in the bucket ( 7.25" Tall x 6.25" diameter) will cast! If you need a larger mold use the Luna Bean-XL Kit. DO-IT-Yourself by mixing the plaster stone and pouring it into your mold. Once hard, remove with the help of the demolding stick. Clean the sculpture with either fine or coarse sandpaper and use the detailing pin to bring out all the fine lines that makes your creation so unique. All this included in one amazing casting kit which contains 30% MORE than any similar kit!

Save a cherished moment in time with a treasured hand mold keepsake by using Luna Bean!


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