Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What's a Digi?

                                                             What is a digi?

     A digi is a digital image much like a rubber stamp image. Once you download your digital image, you can just print and color them in the same way you would with a traditional stamp and ink.  The crafting community calls them "digis" for short! 
(They are typically black and white line art, but occasionally you can purchase them pre-colored)

Why would I want to use Digis?

     Digis are fabulous for creating for many reasons!

  • They take up ZERO space! Save them on your computer!
  • Digis are EASY to work with and you can print them in ANY SIZE!
  • You can put digis from different sets together to create scenes!
  • They are super FUN to COLLECT and you can use them over and over again! 

What kind of printer do I need?

     You can use any printer you have, but keep in mind that laser prints are better if you're coloring using alcohol markers like OhuhuSpectrum Noirs, or Copics.  Inkjet printers will work too, but they require dry time and even then, they may bleed when using markers. Try out what you have first before running out for a new machine! If you're looking for one now, I recommend the Brother printer HERE

Do I need special paper?

     Nope :)  However, you'll find that different kinds of paper produce varying results! Printer paper will bleed through with any wet medium so I don't recommend it.  However, any weight card stock works nicely. I use Neenah white card stock 110#.  Again, use what you have and see what works best for you!  

Can I print and share my digis?

     Most companies have a set "angel" policy about how their digi stamps are used, so make sure to read the fine print where ever you purchase. Basically, it's considered stealing if you copy and share, print and share, or digitally "share" these images. This takes potential earnings away from the creator. If you love their images, send your friends to their links to purchase their own!  

This is an overview on what a digi is. If you have more questions
I'd love to hear from you! Send me a message to

"I can't wait to see you next video!"
xoxo Jen



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